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atelier ilo seeks dialogue with the location, reflects the culture of building and creates timeless works of enduring value. We understand architecture and interior as a unity in which the aspects of space, structure, shape, material and light form an identity that precisely characterizes our craft.The history of the respective location and the things around us always serve as a starting point. We strive to create works that tell a story, appeal to our senses, affect us and endure. We see our work as an ongoing dialogue with these things. A dialogue between craftmanship and architecture.


The architecture studio was founded by Dominic Roth and Marjolaine Marti, both of whom were born and raised in the Saanenland.


Dominic graduated with honours from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, where he completed both, his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in architecture. Following his studies, he worked as an architect and project manager at Herzog & de Meuron in Basel. Before and during his studies, Dominic worked as an architect and draughtsman at Chaletbau Matti in Gstaad. He also completed his initial education as a draughtsman in the Gstaad region.


Marjolaine has been working as a project manager at Enea Outside In, in Zurich, for the past few years, after graduating with honours from the Höhere Fachschule für Technik und Gestaltung in Zug. After her prime education, she worked for about ten years in social services in Gstaad and Bern. Later, Marjolaine successfully completed a business school diploma and took over the position of project manager in marketing and sales in publishing.

Rüttistrasse 8
3780 Gstaad
+41 79 473 89 06