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The former military area “Mainoni & Montebello” is located in the northwestern part of Milan, on the outskirts of the medieval city centre. The project aims to gradually develop this area into an urban neighbourhood, as it is no longer used by the military.  The planned residential development, consisting of four elongated buildings, is to be seen as an integral part of this development. Embedded in the spaces between, which are designed as parks, the new residential blocks do not only form an ensemble in themselves. Rather, they consciously relate to the existing structure of the development and form a new whole with the existing buildings.

Intergenerational living in the individual blocks extends over two storeys. Small apartments are combined with communal areas and connected to a large apartment via an enfilade. This type of spatial arrangement is reminiscent of the spaciousness of bourgeois Milanese living culture. This generosity culminates in the form of a garden on the roof of the four blocks. A space that is reserved for the residents and serves as both a meeting place and a place of retreat.

Rüttistrasse 8
3780 Gstaad
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