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The sun has risen higher in the sky, and its rays now reach over most of the mountain peaks, providing longer and warmer days. The snow is receding to higher altitudes. The meadows are saturated with green, the first crocuses are in bloom. Cows are frolicking in the meadows. There is a smell of damp earth and fresh grass. Nature is awakening and flourishing. The second spring is on its way.

With the arrival of this spring, new life begins in the “Schürleni” in Saanen, BE. The empty buildings are being filled with cultural content. A beginning for the barns, a first point of change. The selected structures serve as a basis, the concept is designed to be able to expand and change in the future. Structures in different forms will be added and developed.

The derivation of the project work is based on the history and the lost use of barns as a result of industrialisation. The significance of these barns is in the context of the townscape and, in the future, the social space. A multifaceted interaction of traditional structures and new cultural forms is achieved.

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