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The elongated structure of the day hospice is situated on a small, uneven plateau on a hill overlooking Lake Lucerne. As part of the landscape, the base of the building responds to the existing topography. With its horizontality, the massive roof frames the view across the fields and lake to the mountains on the opposite side.

The roof is supported by concrete structures that rhythmise the layout and incorporate the intimate spaces of the house. Through this, places of retreat are created throughout the house. The communal space emerges between the concrete structures. This space is understood as a contiguous spatial continuum, divided into various areas of residence. The differentiation of these areas is emphasised by different room heights, derived from the topography of the landscape. The resulting spaces and sequences of spaces offer a variety of possible uses, depending on the needs and moods of the users. Therefore, the building is not to be understood as a day hospice in the classical sense, but rather as a large house. A house with a large, protective roof that is intended to serve as a place of retreat.

Rüttistrasse 8
3780 Gstaad
+41 79 473 89 06