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From the initial examination of the Zurich West neighbourhood, it became clear that the Geroldareal is a place that functions differently from its surroundings. This conglomerate is characterised by a wide variety of user groups, the existing building structure, the associated interspaces and the expression of the buildings. The resulting character is unique and formed the starting point for the development of the project. Building on this, an approach was developed that seeks to treat the existing buildings with respect. From the outset, the site was not seen as a wasteland but rather served as a starting point for the design.

The initial fascination with the Gerold Heterotopia led to an answer to the question of how the site should be developed in the future. As a result, the project takes up the existing in order to exploit its potential without destroying it. The new typology and its formulation provide a foundation for future developments. Therefore, the project should not be understood as the culmination of development, but rather as a starting point for the future of Gerold Heterotopia.

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3780 Gstaad
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