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The vineyard house, designed by Swiss architect Lux Guyer, is set in a spacious garden with a view of Lake Zurich. A house that, in principle, has remained in its original form to this day. In contrast, the immediate surrounding has undergone change. New buildings directly adjoining the property characterise the surrounding and have led to a blurring of the access situation. Therefore, a targeted intervention aims to create a new garden and a new entrance sequence within the house.

The garden’s design resembles a melody, with each element finding its place. Depending on the perspective, the view opens up to the lake or is deliberately concealed. The house itself is only visible from the entrance gate, peeking through the trees and appearing to dance in their shadows. Plant-covered retaining walls follow the sloping terrain and, along with the landscaping, create a rhythmic flow throughout the garden. Inside, windows on either side of the fireplace allow light from the room behind to enter the entrance. A column and a new staircase complete the ensemble. The fireplace, the windows and the offset floor restructure the two-storey room behind the fireplace. Despite these interventions, the original structure of the house has been preserved. Moreover, the new garden, together with the building and the new sequence of entrances, form a new coherent whole.

Rüttistrasse 8
3780 Gstaad
+41 79 473 89 06